My name is Romi Cumes, MA and I am the founder of Transformative Healing Arts. I am a professional massage therapist, yoga instructor, somatic counselor, and intuitive healer with over twenty years of experience. I am passionate about healing and enjoy supporting people to live happier, more embodied lives. Browse my site to learn more, or schedule an appointment and let’s get together and discuss your options.


I support you to improve your quality of life by enhancing physical, mental, and spiritual development. I may help you reduce stress, feel more joy, and aid in injury prevention and rehabilitation. Clients report feeling more spacious, happy, and alive after just one session.


I offer a blend of clinical and intuitive knowledge that will assist you to improve your sense of well-being and mind-body-spirit integration. Utilizing bodywork, yoga, or counseling, I support my clients to stay motivated and on track with their health and wellness goals. My healing work addresses the whole person and physical, spiritual, and emotional symptoms are addressed with equal care and consideration.








I work best with people who wish to expand their personal development and overall life performance. I support you to maximize your healing potential by providing tools and treatment that promotes physical and mental wellness. My goal is to be your guide and assist you to show up more fully in your life, so you make a positive impact in the world. 


I work best with people who wish to improve their overall life performance. I can help you improve your quality of life by supporting physical and mental growth, spiritual development, injury prevention (or rehabilitation) stress management, and interpersonal success. My goal is to support you to show up more fully in your life so you feel happy and make a positive impact in the world. 

Romi Cumes MA, CMT is the founder of Transformative Healing Arts and has over twenty years combined experience offering professional massage therapy, private and group yoga instruction, intuitive healing, and somatic therapy and counseling. Office is located in downtown Santa Barbara, California. Sessions are also available via Skype or Facetime. Facebook: Transformative Healing Arts. Follow us on Instagram @romicumes

Romi is one of those rare and special people who inspires you to want to be and do better. From the moment I met her and took her first Yoga class I sensed her special energy. She has a way of making me more conscious of my own physical and emotional well-being and that precious need to just be. In both her Yoga and her Massage she has awakened and enlightened my spirit.

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