Hi I’m Romi Cumes and I am a healer, bodyworker, and counselor who supports people to live joyful, embodied lives. I utilize clinical and intuitive skills to guide clients towards a stronger sense of innate body-wisdom and authenticity. I work with with a wide range of individuals; from professional business women and men, to athletes, mystics, and artists. I support people who are called to heal something within themselves and are seeking more balance, strength and flexibility.

In this day and age, there are countless choices out there for anyone seeking a professional ally for health and well-being. It is both the quality of that individual, and the unique gifts she brings, that creates the greatest transformation and healing experience. I am an expert in somatic therapy (definition below), relational counseling, bodywork, and yoga instruction. Most importantly, I care deeply about people and want to see them happy, healthy, and thriving.

One-on-one counseling, bodywork, or healing sessions may address a wide range of issues including: stress-management, life-purpose, anxiety, injury rehabilitation, relationships, spiritual neglect, trauma, inner-child, depression, substance abuse, and sexuality.

I am committed to helping you feel more ease in your body and spirit. Join my newsletter or leave your information to find out how I can help.

“Our first duty as human beings is to proceed as if there were no limits to our ability… we are collaborators in creation” 

-Teilhard de Chardin


Santa Barbara Healing Arts, Massage & Bodywork
Romi Cumes MA, MFTI, LMT, is a somatic and relational counselor, massage therapist, yoga instructor, healer, and performance artist with over fifteen years of experience. One-on-one counseling work with Romi is infused with compassion, intuitive guidance, technical skill, and over eight years of clinical somatic psychotherapy experience. Somatic psychology is the study of the lived experience of the body as it pertains to psychological exploration. Somatic and relational counseling sessions support clients to elucidate innate body wisdom and uncover valuable insight about emotional processes and physical pain. Professional bodywork and yoga instruction is a separate service from somatic or relational counseling. Romi travels frequently to explore wild places and lead wellness-based international retreats. In-person or Skype counseling appointments can be made via this website (see sign-up feature). Follow us on Instagram @romicumes

Romi is one of those rare and special people who inspires you to want to be and do better. From the moment I met her and took her first Yoga class I sensed her special energy. She has a way of making me more conscious of my own physical and emotional well-being and that precious need to just be. In both her Yoga and her Massage she has awakened and enlightened my spirit.

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