October Intentions for Wellbeing

See if any of these intentions speak to you today. If so, say them out loud three times and then check your body and breath for a few minutes.

I release my self-judgement and blame.

I allow myself to be exactly where I am, all the while knowing there is somewhere important I am headed.

I embrace the idea that time is irrelevant, although motivation and intention proactively lead me in the right direction.

There is no rush.

I break the shackles of the mind that support false illusions of time.

I allow the people around me to be who they are without needing them to change. When I wish for others to be different, I commit to tracking the responses I feel in my own body.

I commit to making myself happy.

I allow myself to be sad, and am able to sense the moments that support me to pull through into Joy.

I do one thing every day that makes me feel more alive.

I have the opportunity to skip on my path of self-discovery.

I take in the opportunity of the now and devour it with a big bite of whoop-ass.

I listen to the messages that present themselves with compassion and patience.

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