I would highly endorse Romi Cumes for anyone trying to get their body in better shape and recover from injuries. After 30 years in the Fire Service I had become rigid, inflexible and attempts to return to my conventional style of exercise would frequently end in injury. A gift from my family caused me to enroll in Romi’s Intro to Yoga course. Over the past 20 months I have continued to be a student in Romi’s classes and have noticed dramatic improvement to my quality of life, my sleep patterns and peace of mind. My family has noted these changes as well. Romi is a dedicated and patient teacher who does not adhere to a “one size fits all” approach to teaching and tailors her approach to individuals. She has an intuitive sense about her students’ abilities and moods on any given day and approaches her instruction with that in mind.


I have also gone to Romi for bodywork for more deep tissue issues and found her to be excellent at this as well. Once again, her intuitive nature is a real asset in her massage and deep tissue work. My only regret is that I have not taken advantage of this therapy more often. I would recommend, without qualification, Romi Cumes as a Yoga instructor and therapist. She has a tremendous amount of good energy that flows into her work with people.

Pat McElroySanta Barbara City Fire Chief

Romi, You are awesome. Thank you so much. I am so grateful for your healing and you are a blessing in my life.

VinceExecutive Chef

Thank you so much in supporting me in this wild journey of training. I am so appreciative that you have been part of my process and you have helped me in so many ways . . .. You are very special and I am glad you are on my “team” for this event.

Triathlon AthleteSanta Barbara, CA

Romi is a Healing Goddess!!!

Jennifer Holt, Ph.DProfessor of Film and Media, U.C. Santa Barbara

Romi is a true healer. I have experienced greater clarity and grounding while also feeling more attuned to my heart space after being in her presence. She combines an authentic and powerful intuition with years of education and practice. Romi is a rare gem who has contributed greatly to my own healing journey. I feel confidant referring her to anyone seeking high quality Yoga Instruction, Bodywork, or Psychotherapy.

Durga Shakti Thompson LMTProfessional Massage Therapist San Francisco, CA

Romi is one of those rare and special people who inspires you to want to be and do better. From the moment I met her and took her first Yoga class I sensed her special energy. She has a way of making me more conscious of my own physical and emotional well-being and that precious need to just be. In both her Yoga and her Massage she has awakened and enlightened my spirit.

Shelly BeuteEmployee Development, Santa Barbara, CAEmployee Development, Granite Construction Company

I first approached Romi’s class not expecting more than a good ashtanga work out and yoga session because I have studied yoga and martial arts for the past thirty years and already have some degree of accomplishment in those areas. I have been inspired by the high quality of instruction and inspiration that I have found in Romi’s classes. Romi’s style of practice and teaching is somehow both powerful and graceful all at the same time. Her practice and discipline as a dancer is apparent in her yoga practice and serves as an excellent example for her students to follow and aspire to. Romi implements just the right touch of push and flow that allows students to look inward to move beyond their own boundaries with a sense of self accomplishment and dignity and without feelings of being overwhelmed or inadequate.

My yoga practice with Romi has greatly enhanced my flexibility, balance , strength, and focus and participation in the various other sports that I vigorously pursue (martial arts, surfing, cliff climbing, off road biking). I spend my work week as a trial attorney litigating real estate and business disputes. Inherent in this line of work is a great amount of mental stress. Romi has a voice with perfect pitch. When she chants to the class during meditation on Sunday afternoons after yoga practice, it is truly a transcendental experience that moves me past any thoughts of work or life stress and brings me closer to a state of pure mental peace and clarity.

Paul R. BurnsAttorney, Martial ArtistAttorney, Martial Artist

Romi has good energy to be around and is clear and honest. She is very dedicated to her work and her dedication shows in her teaching style.

Rudi LionPsychotherapist

I can always count on finishing a yoga session with Romi feeling more energized, open, calm, and centered. Her classes are challenging yet safe, constantly evolving, and presented in a way that enhances each student’s ability to explore and tap in to his or her own body’s innate intelligence. She teaches with dedication and a fun sense of humor. I have recommended friends and colleagues to Romi and will continue to do so.

Sean MarnaneClinical Research Associate, Personal Trainer, Bohemian Phreak.