My Yoga Philosophy

I draw from over seventeen years of teaching experience to offer eclectic yoga and movement classes. I cater my instruction to the needs of the student, and strive to support the emotional, physical, and spiritual aspects of each individual. I enjoy sharing my knowledge of psychology, yoga, bodywork, anatomy, and movement arts to create a safe, fun and well-rounded practice suitable for every kind of body.

Think of a large tree as a metaphor for your practice and how it evolves. The many branches extending from this proverbial tree are constantly growing, shifting, and reaching towards the light. The stuck places we feel in our bodies are there to inform us of how we move (or don’t move) in the world, and yoga is one of the many tools to guide us into this understanding. The branches extending from the universal yoga tree are constantly developing, and when we dedicate time to nurture the soil, our trees grow stronger and feel more supported.

When we create space in our bodies and offer our inner life some loving presence, life can flow more freely through us. We become more receptive and more able to cultivate strength, joy, creative expression, love, productivity, and wellbeing. My teaching style is eclectic and symbolizes the ever shifting/expanding nature of the human experience. I hope to see you in class, retreat or a workshop soon!


Private Sessions available (In Studio and In-Home for an additional fee). Call for an appointment: (805) 448-4111 or email.


About The Yoga

Santa Barbara Yoga Classes

Romi’s intention is to nurture and support the unique inner exploration of her students, so they may find more freedom in their bodies and lives. Her classes build strength, awareness and flexibility, while nourishing the deeper layers of personal growth. Romi evokes transformative experiences through the medium of yoga, and has been inspired by movement-based art her entire life. She has been teaching Yoga since 1998, and draws from over fifteen years of yoga, dance, gymnastics, bodywork and music (instrumental) experience. Her classes are a blend of various yoga approaches, and she injects humor and life into an otherwise often “serious” method of contemplation. Romi shares psychosomatic insights with her students that are based on both personal experience, and an academic understanding of clinical psychology. Her light-hearted approach also supports individuals to easily understand anatomy and the body, as it pertains to injury prevention, rehabilitation, and fitness.

Romi offers compassionate healing energy and focused, mindful sequences, to assist individuals to uncover innate body wisdom. Each class emphasizes pranayama (breath exercises), core strengthening, postural alignment, mindful awareness, and intention-based transformation. Although trained in various Hatha Yoga styles, Romi chooses not to be limited by one approach. Her Level 1 and Mixed Level classes offer a variety of options, including restorative and active postures. Level 1 and 1-2 classes are also suitable for more advanced practitioners wishing to slow down.. Level 2 or 2-3 classes are more challenging and often have a strong Ashtanga Yoga base.

The Introduction to Yoga course at the Santa Barbara Yoga Center is offered as a three week (six classes) or one weekend course (three classes). The format creates a safe and fun space to begin your exploration of Yoga, and make Yoga a more consistent part of your life. A short series of slower paced, informative classes will provide you with a strong foundation in the practice of Yoga, while preparing you for ongoing beginning and mixed level classes. This course is also suitable for more experienced practitioners needing to redefine their skills and improve focus.

Romi draws from over fifteen years of yoga teaching and healing arts experience to offer participants in-depth somatic education. Introduction to Yoga students are also offered 25% off their first bodywork, energy healing, or counseling session. Please mention you read this when booking your session.

  • A brief discussion of the historical and philosophical background of Yoga
  • The study and practice of fundamental Yoga postures, and correct body posture and alignment
  • Detailed instruction on how to combine breath and movement
  • Hands-on Adjustments
  • Aromatherapy/Restorative Yoga Component

Wednesday: 7:00-8:15am, Level 2 – Santa Barbara Athletic Club (membership only, message Romi via the contact page about a free trial visit to the Club)

Private Sessions upon request and package discounts available

Upcoming Intro to Yoga Weekend Course: Dates TBA

Location: Santa Barbara Yoga Center, 32 East Micheltorena St. Santa Barbara, CA 93101

(805) 965-6045

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Romi has good energy to be around and is clear and honest. She is very dedicated to her work and her dedication shows in her teaching style.
Rudi LionPsychotherapist