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Waking up to who you are requires letting go of who you imagine yourself to be”


Romi Cumes LMFT, CMT is a leading professional in somatic and relational psychotherapy, bodywork, yoga Instruction, and intuitive healing. She has been committed to healing, mindfulness, and movement-based studies for over twenty years. She supports people to explore the profound relationship between somatic (body-centered) awareness, inner-healing and personal growth, integrating clinical knowledge with intuitive wisdom to initiate greater transformation and healing for her clients. Romi Cumes Somatic Therapy, P.C. is based out of Santa Barbara, California, offering telehealth and in-office psychotherapy, bodywork and healing sessions. Please click below to view scheduling options or join the waitlist, and stay tuned via Romi’s blog to explore articles, resources, and learn about upcoming lectures or workshops.

We are an Anthem Blue Cross Provider. Anthem patients may request a telehealth appointment with our Associate. 

My intention is to support individuals to get in touch with the lived experience of the body, as it pertains to body-mind-spirit healing, personal development, and relational growth. My approach is theoretically holistic, however I am inspired by somatic and relational psychology, yoga/movement, intuitive (energy) healing, and the power of nature. My intention is to support clients to identify, explore, and ultimately transform stuck patterns and energy so they become more capable of living happy, balanced lives.

In therapy and in life, we sometimes need to challenge our edges in order to grow. My style is empathetic, nurturing, and direct. Although I am clinically trained and licensed, new clients should know my approach is not one of a standard psychotherapist. I draw from over twenty years of healing arts experience and spiritual studies and see through the lens of both a clinical somatic-relational psychotherapist and an intuitive healer. To learn more click here.

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