3-Step Somatic Self Care Practice


One of the most common questions I encounter from those interested in somatic psychology is, ‘What does somatic mean exactly?’ The term ‘somatic’ refers to the felt experience the body and how bodily sensations are connected to various processes, including thoughts and emotions. This practice combines sensory (somatic) awareness with self-inquiry. You can practice it at any time, or choose to utilize it the next time you experience an emotion, feeling, or sensation that piques your curiosity.

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Body Awareness and Our Relationship with Healthy Eating

Learn about Somatic awareness for improved nutrition and healthy eating,

Somatic Awareness and Intuitive Eating

'Craving Food Freedom' Featured Podcast Guest Romi Cumes LMFT

I recently had the honor of being a featured guest on the ‘Craving Food Freedom’ podcast, which is hosted by my colleague Elise Liu. Located in Palo Alto, California, Elise is a Registered Dietician and Executive Coach. Significantly, she specializes in helping her patients cultivate healthy eating habits, improve nutrition, and develop a positive relationship with food. Please scroll down to listen to the full episode.

Exploring the Connection Between Somatic Awareness and Nutritional Wellness

Our relationship with nutrition and healthy eating intricately connects to somatic (body-based) awareness, yet many of us haven’t learned to heed our body’s signals. Modern society tends to propel us into a hyper-cognitive, overstimulated state, resulting in a ‘thought-forward’ approach. In this mode, we often find ourselves caught in loops, striving relentlessly to ‘do better’ lest we fall behind. Such a cycle can cause us to overlook the wisdom our bodies continuously provide.

Sensation, as a language, helps us tune into our needs for nutritional wellness and contentment.  Learn about Somatic awareness for improved nutrition and healthy eating, Overthinking might impair our natural healing abilities and our capacity to stay fully present in our bodies. However, each new season and harvest offers us an opportunity to slow down, reflect, and deeply connect with our intuitive somatic wisdom. Subsequently, actively engaging in this introspection aids in fostering healthy eating habits and achieving nutritional health.

In this episode with Elise, firstly, we first examine how regulating the nervous system is intertwined with increasing somatic awareness and healthy eating. Also, we discuss how society’s intense focus on ‘success’ often leads to stress. Additionally, we delve into the psychological implications of body tension and further explore the concept of ‘Body Armor,’ a term coined by the Father of Somatic Psychology, Wilhelm Reich.

Embracing Body Awareness for Healing and Growth

Authentically connecting with and nurturing the power of the felt experience enriches our lives, thereby fostering self-love and healing. As we explore sensations and increase body awareness, we gain the ability to effectively manage stress and compassionately embrace healthy eating habits. Furthermore, body-informed practices like somatic-relational psychotherapy, bodywork, sensory awareness, nutritional coaching and yoga ground us in the present moment. These serve as vital tools for managing and regulating painful emotions.

About Elise Liu, Founder of 'Craving Food Freedom'

Elise Liu is a dedicated food and body coach, committed to supporting good nutrition and healthy eating habits. As a registered dietitian, she provides invaluable support to her clients in their journey towards becoming intuitive eaters and embracing body acceptance. Elise's approach is centered on helping individuals rewrite their food stories and body image perceptions, empowering them to leave behind outdated narratives about food and their bodies. Her expertise and guidance enable clients to make the transformative changes they desire in their relationship with food and self-image.