From Shame to Growth: Talking Infidelity with Therapist Romi Cumes, LMFT

A couple processing shame and infidelity in a relationship

Join Romi Cumes, LMFT, in exploring the transformative power of somatic therapy for those affected by infidelity. This post delves into how somatic practices can aid in healing relationships and offer fresh perspectives in marriage counseling. Discover key insights and strategies for navigating the complex journey of healing and personal growth when a relationship is confronted with an affair.

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Trauma Fatigue: Developing Resilience to Manage Stress and Anxiety

In an age of widespread anxiety and global challenges, we struggle to process one crisis before the next one unfolds. There is currently a surge in social and environmental turmoil that profoundly affects the collective psyche. Learn about how to reduce anxiety, develop resilience, manage stress and heal trauma by understanding nervous system and foundational principles of Somatic Psychology.

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Yoga for Trauma and Healing the Spirit

In today’s hectic world, setting aside time for yoga and mental health is essential. As we struggle to keep pace, our ability to manage stress and anxiety may become compromised, highlighting the crucial need for consistent, healing self-care practices. I invite you to join me in ‘Yoga for Trauma and Healing the Spirit,’ a 40-minute session tailored to promote healing and inner peace. This practice is designed to calm the nervous system, increase mobility, build strength, and enhance flexibility.

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