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Survey — A Therapist’s Survival Guide to Love and Dating

Over the last few years, I have become both personally and professionally fascinated by the topics of love, relationships and dating in our increasingly app-enabled world. My exploration began with jotting down comedic notes about the people and situations I encountered while dating as a single, mostly cis-female in the late 2010’s. Over time, I began to notice specific themes arising around elements of personal development, self-esteem, and self-love.

As you might imagine, some of these dates were fun, most were disappointing, but each experience elucidated gems of transpersonal wisdom. Albeit painful at times, exploring the digital dating landscape through the psychological lens of a therapist led me to not only learn deeply about myself, it inspired me to think about how I could help others navigate this often perilous process with more ease and grace.

I’m currently writing a book on the subject and I would love to get a wide range of perspectives of relationships in the modern world. Whether you’re single, actively dating, or in a committed partnership, I welcome your insight!

If you’re interested, below is a link to a survey where you can share your thoughts. Your participation will be anonymous, but you can submit your email address to enter a drawing for a free bodywork, healing, or somatic psychotherapy therapy session valued at $220.

CLICK HERE TO TAKE THE SURVEY [Update: survey complete – thank you for your responses!]

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