Fundamental Principles of Somatic Psychology

by Romi Cumes, LMFT


Online Lecture Hosted by Healing Opportunities

When: October 10th, 2pm


For more info, visit: Healing Opportunities


Romi Cumes MA, LMFT will offer a lecture on the fundamental principles of Somatic Psychology, as well as introduce participants to sensory awareness, a powerful somatic practice that utilizes body-centered awareness to support  nervous system regulation and interpersonal connection.

Somatic Psychology is a form of psychotherapy that focuses on body-centered (somatic) approaches, including various therapeutic and holistic approaches. The way we process external input and internal sensations has everything to do with living a meaningful, healthy life. As mammals, we have adopted certain behaviors over the course of evolution to enhance the viability of the species. A good example of this is our defense structure. It has helped us survive for thousands of years, however when activated, it does not support ease within interpersonal relationships. When we operate from a place of defense, the relational, more empathetic part of the brain goes off-line, leading to problematic behavior and relational or personal distress. 

At the root of anxiety, trauma, and interpersonal strife, is the sympathetic nervous system branch, responsible for a human’s fight, flight, freeze response. When we continually operate from a place of nervous system dysregulation, also called sympathetic arousal, we do not function optimally, symptoms ensue, and life can feel unmanageable. 

Somatic and relational psychotherapy assists people to observe their defense mechanisms and work proactively with them, thereby supporting healing, nervous system regulation, and personal growth.

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