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Heart Moves…

Dear Friends,

I have recently begun facilitating a movement exploration called “Heart Moves” at Yoga Soup (28 Parker Way) studio in Santa Barbara. This is a work-in-progress and is co-created by the people who show up. My intention for Heart Moves is to create a conscious space for self-exploration that invites in all facets of the human experience pertaining to healthy expression of the body. This space if for anyBody who enjoys movement, craves movement, fears movement, or requires movement to release the parts of their structure often inhibited by lack of motion.

It has been a challenge for me to hold this space when only a few show up and I am grateful for the opportunity to test my own edges around facilitation, movement, and group dynamics. Often times it feels almost easier when we (facilitators/teachers/students)  have a “full room” of individuals to move or experience healing with. In the safe container of a fluid mass, it is easier to hide or be bold, observe, or ignore. When we have no mass to peek around and must show up dynamically as ourselves, the work can go much deeper.

Moreover, I am thankful for the early stages of class development here in Santa Barbara and beyond, where us teachers often surf the proverbial security wave as our numbers ebb and flow. It is not about how many, but about how we show up. What we do for three people is as powerful as what we do for fifty. Crowded groups are powerful as well, as they hold a collective Spirit and support us to interact with community and the group Field. Participating, or facilitating large numbers of people has its own flavor.  So when the tide reseeds, pulls back and reveals just a few stones and bits of plant matter, new forms show their faces and add to the Spirit. Emptiness can be experienced as spaciousness and when I surrender to the spaciousness, I feel more full.

In great respect for the ebb and flow on this path to wholeness

~ Romi

Heart Moves @ Yoga Soup Every Monday and Wednesday 8:10pm

More Content About Heart Moves

Heart Moves* Somatic Movement Exploration
The term “Somatics” has become an umbrella term for approaches that focus on the development and deepening of the self within the body. Heart Moves supports creative movement and somatic approaches that work to balance the body-mind and acknowledge the internal, kinesthetic experience. Moving and dancing mindfully in a safe group setting can assist us to explore our inner landscape, as well as can elucidate how our inner experience pertains to the environment surrounding us.

This movement exploration is loosely structured and non-linear. With the support of beautiful and evocative music, Romi facilitates participants to explore their physical form from the inside out. Somatic movement involves the lived experience of the body and deepens our sense of authentic embodiment. Ecstatic dancers, professional dancers and yogis are warmly welcomed, however dance experience or yogic proficiency is not necessary. Within the dynamic and subtle energy waves inherent in the nature of human experience, there are endless pathways to Self-discovery. Come as you are.

Romi Cumes is a Santa Barbara native with a deep passion for movement and healing arts. She is a yoga instructor, massage therapist, dancer, earth lover, and performing artist. Her interest in mind-body connection and healing led her to discover somatic movement practices, and she is currently working towards a Ph.D in clinical psychology, with an emphasis in somatic-based therapies. Romi draws from fifteen years of yoga, acrobatic, and dance study to offer eclectic yoga classes and movement workshops. She founded Transformative Healing Arts in 2002. For more information, visit


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