Our relationship with food and nutrition is intrinsically tied to body awareness. Recently, I had the pleasure of being featured as a guest on the Craving Food Freedom podcast, hosted by Bay Area Dietician and Executive Coach, Elise Liu.

Yoga for Healing the Spirit 


In our fast-paced world, it’s more vital than ever to prioritize our physical and emotional well-being by utilizing yoga to nurture self-healing and improve mental health.


We live in a time where traumatic events seem to happen all too frequently, leaving us little time to process one before another grabs our attention. While many of us aim to embrace the joys of life, the relentless speed of modern life often makes it challenging. Yoga and mindful breathing offers us hope, and can be transformative practices that soothe the soul and help us regain balance and resilence. Our innate wiring doesn’t prepare us to endure constant external and internal trauma while maintaining optimal functioning, but finding emotional balance is more accessible than we think.

With a commitment to nurturing inner peace and resilience, I’ve crafted a somatically-informed, 40-minute healing yoga practice—a safe haven for those seeking emotional and physical equilibrium in today’s turbulent times. Join me in this practice to care for your body, quiet your mind, and take a moment for healing the spirit. Together, we can discover strength amidst the chaos.