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Somatic and Relational Psychology Workshop: True Self Exploration

Join us for a practical and experiential journey into the heart of connection. We will explore general information about the brain in order to understand the various “stuck” places we operate from when interacting with those around us.

By bridging the knowledge of neuroscience with innate body wisdom, we enable ourselves to see our adaptive self in a more clear, authentic way. This is the part of the self that struggles to survive, both figuratively and literally, usually operating from a reptilian fear-response in the brain and a conditioned psyche.

Through body-centered awareness and relational exercises, we begin to acquaint ourselves with the adaptive part of our experiences. When we start to understand the various limiting patterns of the adaptive self, the True Self can shine forth, and from this place of True Self understanding, life gets better, relationships get more rich, and the distress and trauma has somewhere to exit.

This workshop will offer both a psycho-educational component and group-process/experiential work so participants get an actual “feel” of somatic and relational psychology, as it pertains to healing.

For those of you who attended last month’s workshop, we will be covering some new material.

Join us and dive in to your True Self.

Saturday September 14th, 11am
$15 for workshop/class

Private counseling sessions also available upon request.
Sliding Scale.

With Love,

P.S. For those interested in complementing this work with Yoga, I will also be teaching a three day “Intro to Yoga” course at the SB Yoga Center this same weekend. (805) 965-6045 to register

Friday 7-9pm and Sat/Sun 2-4pm.
$50 for the entire weekend, call (805) 965-6045 to register or just stop by 32 East Micheltorena St. Friday September 13th by 6:45.


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