My Yoga Philosophy

Yoga is a powerful tool that deepens somatic understanding and develops mindful awareness. Think of a large tree as a metaphor for your practice and how it evolves. The tree’s proverbial branches are constantly growing, changing, and expanding. When we create space for the tree to reach towards the light, and dedicate time to nourish its soil, we support the cultivation of strength, beauty, and vibrant health. I draw from over twenty years of teaching experience to offer unique yoga and movement classes.

I cater my instruction to the needs of the student and support the emotional, physical, and spiritual processes that may arise during practice. I enjoy sharing my knowledge of psychology, yoga, bodywork, anatomy, and movement to create a safe, fun, and well-rounded practice suitable for every kind of body. We flow more freely through life when we create space in the body and offer it loving presence. My teaching style is eclectic and symbolizes the ever shifting/expanding nature of the human experience.

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Yoga with Romi at the Santa Barbara Athletic Club Wednesdays 9-10:15am


Romi draws from over twenty five years of yoga experience and has been a certified yoga instructor since 1998. Her movement style has been influenced by gymnastics and various dance forms including: Jazz, Modern, West African, Afro-Brazilian, Flow-Arts (fire-dancing), and Aerial Silks. Romi’s intention is to facilitate somatic awareness and technique, while nourishing the deeper layers of personal growth. She offers mindful sequences and compassionate healing energy to assist students to uncover innate body wisdom.

Romi’s classes build strength, awareness and flexibility, and are a blend of various yoga, movement, and strength-training approaches. Class intensity depends on the experience and mobility of the students. Each class emphasizes pranayama (breath exercise), postural alignment, strength-building, and mindfulness. Romi’s approach is both light-hearted and technical, and she supports students to develop their understanding of anatomy, as it pertains to fitness, injury prevention, and rehabilitation. She shares insight based on personal experience and in-depth study, and enjoys injecting humor into rigid thought processes. 

Romi honors the spirit within you
Romi Cumes provides Yoga instruction to individuals, as well as for groups and events of all kinds.