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Some Full Moon thoughts on Mindfulness…

Me NZSome thoughts this Full moon day about Yoga and other spiritual/mindfulness practices… It is very easy for us humans, to put before ourselves so many obstacles, it is virtually impossible to achieve some of the self actualization-based goals we set for ourselves. The inner critic loves to roar and will start dictating all kinds of b.s. to dis-empower the higher Self. What to do when this happens? Get on the mat, or the rock, or the ground, or somewhere where you can just sit for a minute and have absolutely no agenda for yourself. When you choose this moment, be it 5 minutes of 60, you are committed to your most precious self, to the part of you that is more authentic than words, to the part whose ancient wisdom revels so much deeper than any kind of love-effacing inner critic SOB. This part of you knows. So all I suggest for you today is to take a few minutes. No yoga teacher or life coach is going to truly teach you how to do this. Your own commitment and dedication to yourself is what will allow you to sit, for however many minutes, and “do the work” so to speak. There will be adversity at your Prana pants tails. There will be others who shun the fact you are attempting to be self aware. This is all part of the work. There will also of course be that part of yourself that wants to shun or vilify your own inner strength. Notice those parts, and then keep doing whatever you do that makes you feel good. Even us yoga teachers, with years and year of experience go through this. I for one don’t wake up and rush to my patio to do yoga. I have to make it happen. And usually just by sitting a few minutes (in nature helps..) I will be guided to turn my 5 minute mindfulness check into a 60 minute yoga and meditation practice. I felt inspired to share this today so that all of us can be just a little less hard on ourselves and remember that it only takes a few minutes to touch in…. and when those few moments turn into half a hour or a hour, the body thanks you even more. Love-R


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