Short Yoga Sequence to Help Relieve Back Pain

Five Poses a Day with Romi: Yoga for Back Pain

Back pain is often as elusive as it is frustrating. Many people suffer from it and it’s easy to feel down when it persists. For me, years of gymnastics, dance, stress, and structurally unsound yoga practices have contributed to strain in my lumbar spine and I have learned to utilize yoga and strength-based exercises to ease discomfort.

Here is a short sequence that assists in the release of the psoas, quads, and abductor muscles. When tight, these muscles act like back pain antagonists and it’s important to keep them supple. If you are having severe pain, only do what you can in this sequence, as not to provoke or inflame. If pain is manageable, do each pose for a few minutes each. Always listen to your body and never push through pain; seek a sensation that feels like a broad stretch, rather than a sharp sensation or jab. Variations are optional. The sequence takes between 15-20 minutes.

Happy Healing,