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Thoughts on Life and the World, January 2010

Commencing 2010….

At this moment in time, there is so much to name and speak into. The economic meltdown of our cushioned first world nation, the United States, has been eclipsed by the stark reality of pernicious devastation and disintegration in impoverished Haiti. My previous life-centered deliberations have been washed away by a funnel of reality so profound, it would take an arcane, Himalayan wise man to describe what is happening.

The planet is in disarray and amidst the cracks of uncertainty and dissolution, we find flints of hope, like light reflected off of granite in the California Sierra Nevada. We can turn to this light to be reminded of the hope that exists within and the power of our planet. My empathic spirit tunes into news and downloads articles and I find it impossible to grasp how so many people can be suffering in ways I will most likely never know.

Amidst each international epidemic, war-induced mayhem, natural disaster and catastrophe, how do we find balance? And what is it exactly we can do? I sat here tonight, reading the blogs of Haitian NGOs all working to ameliorate an environment that has seen unprecedented sadness. As I diligently chose where to direct my energy and small monetary contributions, I became overwhelmed by the frustration that accompanies the thought “What can I do NOW?”.

I sat restless in my seat wishing that I was more powerful, or had more money to finance a system of aid that could reach more people… Or at least finance my plane ticket to a devastated country in need. The pain of inaction is piercing and I can feel it in my stomach and chest.

All of a sudden I take a breath and ground in this moment.

In this moment, we do what we can. In this moment, we tell people we love them, make whatever donation we can afford and plan ways to help others. In this moment, we do unto others and envision a better world. Dr. Martin Luther King knew that Love has more power than the futile attempts of the ego to demonstrate its importance. He describes this in the quote below.

“A call for world wide fellowship, is a call for all embracing power of love; is the key that unlocks the door of ultimate reality. Love is a God. Everyone who loves, knows God.”

So know love and we will be on the right track. Share love and you will unite your God-filled path with others. The question for me lately has been, “How do I stay proactive and do what I am meant to do, while staying on the path in an organic way?” I surmise the answer to that question is in the listening and in the loving. Listening to what we are called to do and heeding the call, rather than avoiding it. Once the message has become clear, honor the process and resist the urge to judge yourself for not being “enough” or doing “enough”. As Ben Franklin said, “Well done is better than well said”. In the process of getting it done, be kind to yourself, as you wish to be kind to others in need.

In deep awe, gratitude and admiration of all those helping relief efforts in Haiti and beyond,




  1. I love that you are sharing your process with such authenticity, courage to speak your Soul’s truth and following your heart. Wise words!

    • Thank you for your kind words and authenticity. Much appreciated. Blessings this holiday season and new year! -Romi

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