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Workshops w/ Romi Cumes at the Lucidity Festival, April 12-14

Join me for two unique workshops at the Lucidity Music and Arts Festival.
Location: Live Oak Campground
When: April 12-14th.

Email me for promo code for reduced priced tickets

Heart Moves Yoga w/ Romi at Lucidity Festival
Location: Wise Owl in the Trees:
When: Saturday April 13th 11:30am-1pm

Heart Moves is a somatic yoga exploration, integrating mindfulness, eclectic movement, and traditional yoga sequencing. Somatic practice, which includes many forms of Hatha yoga, can bring us into deep knowing of the Self via body-centered presence. Participants will be supported to move outside of the usual yoga box via sensory awareness, dance-like movement patterns, and guided breath practice.

Introduction to Somatic Psychology Workshop
Where: Krishna Dome in the Healing Sanctuary
When: Saturday April 13th- 3-4pm.

The word “Somatic” means of, or relating to the body and is especially distinct from the mind and mental capacities. When we give the body our full presence, its inner wisdom becomes visible. This visibility offers us tools to deconstruct protective and repressive mechanisms, often manifested as body armor. This workshop will assist you to get in touch with your most authentic state of Being. From a place of somatic authenticity, we become more present, and can therefore show up in the world in a more peaceful and powerful way. Includes an introduction to somatic psychology, a guided somatic awareness practice, and a one-on-one practice session.


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