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Yoga for Trauma and Healing the Spirit

Yoga for Trauma & Healing the Spirit

Prioritizing Yoga and Self-Care in Today's Fast-Paced World

In today’s hectic world, setting aside time for yoga and mental health is essential, as coping with the current speed of existence can often feel untenable. The relentless pace of work and constant stimuli can lead to overwhelming feelings and somatic symptoms (sensations) indicative of nervous system dysregulation. As we struggle to keep pace, our ability to manage stress and anxiety may become compromised, highlighting the crucial need for consistent, healing self-care practices. Yoga is a transformative practice, echoing an insight I once received from Spirit:

‘The speed with which you are looking for answers, is not the speed you need to follow’

This profound cosmic reminder gently nudges us to embrace a slower pace! Thankfully, achieving inner balance and healing through Yoga is more attainable than it might seem. Despite the rapid pace of modern life, Yoga and breathwork offer a serene respite, slowing down overactive nervous systems and reinvigorating energy. Beyond this, these practices foster transformation, soul nourishment, and have the power to cultivate strength, resilience, and flexibility.

About This Practice

Practicing yoga for at least 20 minutes is typically most effective, but any amount of yoga can be beneficial. I invite you to join me in ‘Yoga for Trauma and Healing the Spirit,’ a 40-minute session tailored for healing and alleviating trauma-response symptoms. We begin with a gentle, energy-moving standing practice before transitioning into a 30-minute, all-level floor sequence. This practice is designed to calm the nervous system, increase mobility, build strength, and enhance flexibility.

Taking time for self-reflection, engaging in breathwork, and attuning to your body’s sensations is key. Yoga provides a safe haven for those seeking emotional and physical healing during these challenging times. Together on the mat, we harness our collective strength amidst life’s chaos.

Group Yoga with Romi: SWELL Athletic Club (SB) - Wednesdays at 9:00am (75 min.)

If you are interested in trying my class and joining SWELL, Santa Barbara, email: and let her know I referred you to inquire about club promotional offers.

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Gift Certificates for Bodywork

Offer healing and rejuvenation to someone you care about with a gift certificate for Bodywork with Romi. From deep relaxation to foundational healing, each session is an exploration into innate body wisdom, and a step towards a more harmonious, vibrant self.

Please make sure to review the following Purchase & Usage Terms before choosing your desired gift certificate.

  • These gift certificates/pre-paid session vouchers are non-refundable.
  • Prepayments will always be valid for the purchased amount, but they must be redeemed within 90 days of purchase or they may not fully cover potential practitioner rate increases.
  • If a gift certificate or voucher is used after 90 days of purchase, there may be an additional fee required at the time of service to compensate providers for the difference between the purchased amount and their current rates.

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